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[ Resources for the Year of Mark ]

[ bibles ]

[ The Harper Collins Study Bible ]

This NRSV translation of the Bible is used by seminarians around the world for its commentary. This is Bible REv. Jon uses for the majority of his preparation.

[ The New Oxford Annotated Bible with Apochrypha ]

Like the harper Collins Study Bible, this edition is used in colleges and seminaries and includes excellent commentary .

[ The Common English Study Bible ]

One of the newer translations out there, this version offers accessible language along with insightful and englightening commentary.


[ The New International Version Bible ]

While there are flaws with the NIV (Gendered language being chief among them), many find the NIV to be very accessible for starting out learning more about the Bible.



This NRSV translation of the Bible is unique because of the accompanying commentary provided by noted scholars Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Z. Brettler and others provide essential and helpful insight into the world of Jesus and his first followers. Gain a glimpse into the faith of Jesus and how it our faith is built upon it. This volume can function as both Bible for study and commentary.


This resource for preachers covers the entirety of the gospel of Mark from four perspectives: exegetical (history of scripture), theological (what it means about our belief), pastoral (what it might mean for how we care for each other), and homiletical (how to preach it).  Brief explanations from world-class scholars and theologians make this an invaluable resource for clergy and lay alike.

[ Gospel Parallelsl: A comparison of the synoptic gospels ]

Calling all bible dorks! This is a little heady, but a great way to see how the different gospels account for the life of Jesus. Discover which gospels borrowed stories from another, and uncover the nuances of the each version. IT’s remarkable how small details can make a big difference–and this resource brings those differences to the surface.

[ Women’s bible Commentary ]

read what some of the world’s best women scholars have to say about the Bible and the ways it has particular relevance for women. uncover the role of women in the gospels as a whole and in mark in particular .


[ The Queer Bible Commentary]

This volume offers insights that might be particularly meaningful to those connected to the LGBTQ community. Rather than going verse by verse, this book explores relevant themes.



[ The New Interpreter’s BIble Commentary]

This series is relied on by preachers around the world for its sound Biblbical insights. It probably has more than you’re looking for, but it would be a great addition for any scripture enthusiast.